Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Moose is Loose: Crime Dogs from GSNHOF

From time to time the Spastik one over at GSNHOF will drop me an email about McGriffs he can send me. I usually take a week+ to respond (between work and the group break things are what they are) and say I'm STILL getting my Freds in order (going on 6 months now) and will get back to him. After a few more weeks he sends me a package anyway. Great guy, that Moose----I have at least one Fred to send his way and have my eyes out for others.

First from the last batch is this incredible CD MiLB card.
The light towers in the back are iconic and scream 1980's minor league ball. I also like how the font on the Chiefs uni mimics the Blue Jays uni from that era. Very nice touch. As a side note, when I was a kid I remember someone writing an article about "how good will Fred be?" This was the late-80s when Dwight Gooden ruled the world, and the author mentioned how, at some point when the two were towards the end of their high school careers (they both hail from Tampa), McGriff took Gooden deep to the tune of 500+ feet and actually hit a light tower well beyond the OF wall. That is to say the Crime Dog had MASSIVE power, but could also rake the best of the best. Not sure why he's so under appreciated.

More highlights:

Bottom left: Fred finding Jesus in stereo. That'll have its own post. But you see across the top three cards and the bottom left the kind of remarkable consistency Fred had to his swing. Different cards, different years, the exact same follow through. Necessary stuff for a HOFer. Bottom middle: Fred as a Ray. And bottom right, late-80s Classic. I've got a soft spot for the Classic cards even if they are from a long-deceased brand. With the '87 Bo Jackson they were all the rage for a while. 

Thanks again Moose! Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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  1. I love your opening section, that's exactly how it is lol. And I'm glad you liked the Crime Dogs, especially vintage 22 year old Fred!