Friday, April 16, 2010

Once you go vintage...: Hello Marichal

First up, don;t forget to grab a team for the break if you'd still like one. Pirates, Reds, Angels (maybe), A's are still available

Seems like a lot of folks are hit by the price of wax these days, especially relative to the pulls you may/may not get. I'd love to bust, but the fact is my wax budget is limited to what I spend in JC's break and the upcoming CCC/SMG Breaks (thank you dear compa, for putting up with me on this!). Beyond that there's little room for cards, period, but I do what I can.

After some stalking, I was able to land these to anchor my Marichal collection.
The 1961 RC. A great card in any condition, and I was more than happy to score this one for $6. The cost of a few packs at Target from which I'm guaranteed not to pull any CCs or hits.

Next up:
I gotta check out how much boxes of this stuff run and see if folks want to rip a few for the next break. The swatches are huge and in general the cards look great! Got this one for about $4, almost what I paid for the '61 RC. Crazy.

I think groups breaks are the way to go for wax, but is anyone else going more and more vintage?

Have a good one everybody and good night Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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  1. Those are great cards. I like to collect current releases but I really like a lot of the vintage cards that I don't know much about.