Monday, October 25, 2010

Chuck Harmon TTM

 A while back Troll did a great post on former Negro Leaguer and Big Leaguer Chuck Harmon. I'm a sucker for Negro League ballplayers and ttms, so when I saw that Mr. Harmon has his own website I thought "Sure, I'll drop him a line." He's also the man who integrated the Reds, which makes his story particularly cool.

Months went by and no reply. My success rate on ttms is pretty good and, to be honest, I hold no grudge against the guys who never reply or return the cards. After all, they have no idea who I am and I'm intruding on their daily routines with a letter seeking a signature and, in the case of Mr. Harmon, a sheet of paper with the question: "What is the secret to a successful marriage?" He's been married over 50 years so it seemed appropriate.

Well the mail showed up Friday and these were in the SASE:
That card is courtesy of Daddy D, sig courtesy of Mr. Harmon. I really like the card itself as well. Most 58's are close-up portraits which makes this posed batting shot somewhat unusual. And of course there's that nice phat signature on there. Great stuff. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy getting vintage cards from former players back in the mail and haven't sent any in months. Gotta do something about that.

Anyway, this was included as a bonus:
I dig how the signature kinda got away from him but Mr. Harmon picked it up, going on down the card. The back is also pretty neat with a narrative about his career and popularity in his town, Cincinnati. 
On top of this he even answered my question about marriage. The answer: "marry the right person." That's pure zen.

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. That is awesome!!! Chuck Harmon is a great story and what a great response! I have been married more than once. I married the wrong person for the wrong reasons and duh, it didn't last...
    I waited a while and met the right person and 4 years later I am thinking about OUR 50th Anniversary!
    I do really like the bonus card he sent. Very cool.

  2. Great cards! Harmon is on the list of old-timers I want to get once I get back into TTM.