Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's like a Holliday

Many thanks to Eric Patterson of the Boston Red Sox for helping make this day possible.

Wade Davis takes the hill for the Rays against Sean O'Sullivan and the Royals. Longo is STILL out but hey, this year it's about winning the whole thing, not necessarily the division. Though, truth be told, I'd love to win us some division.

As reported in other sources, if CC hits another HR today (his 20th) he'd going the exclusive 20/40 club. This is interesting in a Trivial Pursuit, alignment of the stars kind of way, but not in a way that's statistically meaningful. Dude's had a great year with a high in power and consistently good speed. What more can I say?

And speaking of CC, anyone catch the in-game video of him discussing the GG? You could hear the frustration in his voice just talking about it. Seriously, how long can AL managers overlook him? CC's biggest problem has always been hype, that is lack of it. The stats are there, no doubt.
Have a good one everybody. Go Rays!

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  1. CC is my favorite non-Dodger. An absolute stud. He's gonna get paid a pretty penny this offseason. I only wish he could be in a Dodger uni in 2011.

    Anyways, I need him to have a big day, for my fantasy team's sake.