Monday, March 7, 2011

Left Field HOF: Andy Carey

Born Andrew Arthur Hexem, Andy Carey was a full-time bit player at 3B for many of the 1950s Yankee dynasty teams. He's also the first inductee of the "Left Field HOF," the first class of which will be debuting this week at CCC. 
So, what if the Left Field HOF? Well, check out the scenery over Carey's right shoulder. You can see the left field awning from old Yankee Stadium. During the 1950s and 60s, this backdrop was THE shot for Topps BB card photographers. Think I'm wrong? Just you wait. It's the SAME shot, over and over with different players wandering through. Stadia tend to be rather spacious, but over the years we get this same chunk of Yankee Stadium in the background. If ritual can produce the sacred, we're talking hallowed BB cards here. 

As for Carey, he was league-average lifetime with his best years being '53 and '58. In all honesty, you wonder if he would have had a better career if he hadn't spent most of his prime splitting ABs at 3rd. That doesn't mean he didn't LIVE like a Yankee. He married an actress and became a broker after his carer was over. Apparently he also had quite an appetite

Here he's pictured with the A's after the Yankees had called up Clete Boyer to take over 3rd.

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  1. Great post. I'm going to have a post coming up where I show off a few old Yankee cards, and my 1954 Topps Carey will be included!