Thursday, August 9, 2012

CC went all "Pete Rose versus Ray Fosse" on some dude

I finally grabbed a copy of the 2012 Topps CC, a card that still gives me chills every time I look at it.
I mean wow. CC is absolutely blowing up the catcher for the Royals on a classic play-at-the-plate. And let's not forget, CC was a big-time football prospect coming out of high school, apparently to the point that ESPN produced an article conjecturing whether or not CC going to Nebraska could have ultimately saved a former coach's job there. I know: ESPN articles full of wild conjecture are about as rare as Area 51 UFO conspiracy websites. Point taken. All the same, dude knows how to lay the beat on someone, and it's amazing everyone walked away from this.

CC's been turning it up a bit after a slow start back from an extended trip to the DL (now at 284/314/506), but he's taken quite a beating from a number of folks in the interim. Bobby V says CC doesn't need TJS. CC was called a racial slur at a minor league game for which the heckler, a cop, was eventually fired

At any rate, need any proof CC is a guy who leaves it all on the field? Thanks, 2012 Topps.

Have a good one everybody and good night Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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