Monday, March 25, 2013

Virgil Trucks Celebration Giveaway

With Mr. Trucks's passing, we all acknowledge that the world has lost someone who meant a good deal to a lot of people. 
If you ever wrote to Mr. Trucks you've probably seen one of these cards that celebrate his 2 no-hitters in 1952. If you haven't, here's your chance to own one.

Here's the deal: Mr. Trucks brought a lot of light into the world. Go out, do something, it doesn't have to be huge, that brings joy to someone around you. At some point in the next week leave a comment on this post and I'll random the responses on 4/1. No judging "best," "funniest," or whatever, no need even to say what you did. Just bring a smile to someone's face the way Mr. Trucks did for so many of us.


  1. I don't know if this counts or not, but during Orioles Fanfest, I met 4 pre-teen boys in one of the autograph lines. I got their addresses from their parents and sent them each a 400 ct box of cards. I recieved some nice emails from the parents saying that the kids really enjoyed the free cards!

  2. Right now I'm helping local high-school graduates find jobs with local businesses. a win-win for everyone!

  3. I would like to Thank William @ FoulBunt and the rest of my card blogging friends , some whom i have corresponded with and the others whom i haven't yet , for bringing attention to Mr Trucks.Since then , I have mentioned his name to 2 of the local sports writers here hoping that if the time comes , they may know his name and accomplishments. Kyle and I met up with Joe Altobelli @ a Red Wings game and I asked him about Mr Trucks and he remembered seeing him pitch a game and knew why they called him FIRE.
    I only wish I come across his book someday.