Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Photo Ever (or since I've been alive)

This is the best photo on any baseball card of the mass-produced, post-1976 era. Period, Over the next few days I'll get into the multiple narratives the photo brings together. For the moment it's enough to say that this photo shows us what baseball cards could/should be, and underscores the utter laziness and indifference that overtake most companies when they are putting together their cards. Overemphasis on "new" design, postage stamp size swatches of jerseys and bats, million-to-one odds autos of marginal players on marginal teams, chrome parallels, etc. Not enough attention paid to, say, the photo on the front. Or, for that matter, the stats on the back, but that's for another day. There are enough great photos out there one could use for cards (the work done by the folks over at Goose Joak comes to mind) that it's obvious that the card companies are asleep at the wheel most of the time. However, I guess great work can and does slip through. This card proves it. 

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