Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why I am here

Of course, another blog, etc. 

There are a ton of really great baseball card blogs out there, and I aspire to be one of the middling, semi-mediocre ones. In other words, I want to play Mark Lemke to the Glavines and Smoltzs represented by folks at places like Wax Heaven, Sportcards Uncensored, Punk Rock Paint, Fielder's Choice, and Dinged Corners. I spend my days reading things way too closely, so the blog will be a space where grammar, common sense, and orthography go to die.

Topics will be mostly baseball, baseball cards, and politics. I followed the Braves as a kid. In recent years I've been following the Rays, mostly because their farms clubs were in two town I frequented (Charleston, SC and Durham, NC) and I got to watch a lot of their players develop from A to AAA. Seeing them get their due now in the big leagues is pretty sweet.

The two players I am interested in/collect with regards to baseball cards are Carl Crawford and David Price. I have a nice sized Crawford Collection that I'll be posting eventually. I also have a few Prices, but the prospectors have inflated his card values to the point I've bowed out of chasing down his cardboards. 

Finally, and just for fun, I'll occasionally go all political, because political discourse in this country has been swirling down the toilet since before I was born and I can't possibly imagine things could get any worse. Only then they do get worse, and this causes me no small degree of angst. 

All are welcome, so enjoy!

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  1. I have a 2009 Finest Carl Crawford refractor, if you want it.