Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Father-in-law Mooned Me

So, family is exhausting. These are the people to whom you are most connected, with whom you have the best conversations and the worst disagreements. My folks were in town for the past week (!) and I am happy to say it was a great time. Next week I'll put up some pictures of the Maris Museum and the Metrodome.

For now, one of the coolest things that happened (non-my parents division) was that I received a package from one of my fathers-in-law. He had recently been in town, was intrigued by the whole blogging thing, and sent some cards he thought were interesting. Ever the educator, he enclosed a scavenger hunt index with the cards, so I had to figure out why each was special.

Under "Google Wally Moon Shot" was this card of Dodger Wally Moon.

Down to the technicolor this card is a classic '61 Topps. The area around his head is practically glowing and his cheeks look like he had Tammy Faye do his makeup. Wally has an incredible uni-brow that contrasts beautifully with an incredible, "awe-shucks I'm in the Big Leagues" smile. Obviously Wally played in the days before many players got pedicures or made a habit of scowling. 

More importantly, the term "moon shot" refers to the homers Wally hit at back in the day over the left field fence in the Coliseum (article here). I'd always just assumed a moon shot was a heck of a home run and had no idea it referred to Wally. Even better, fearing he wouldn't make it in his new digs after being traded from St. Louis, he sought the advice of Stan Musial on how to best take advantage of the the fence in left!

I'll include the back of this card just because the '61s are cool.

Thanks again Daddy D.