Thursday, July 16, 2009

We interrupt the CC lovefest for more '76 Topps

I've fallen way behind on posting highlights from the '76 Topps set and Bruce Kison is not amused. What's more he's a pitcher who's put on a batting helmet, so we know he means business. Seriously, have you ever seen a pitcher wearing a batting helmet look so menacing on a card? They usually look like someone put a dead fish in their hair. Kison looks like he's questioning your right to exist in his space.

Luis Tiant wrote in to say the earth is off its axis (link to project 1976). My lord, why didn't they make Dock Ellis's card look like this? Or even better, put Doc Ellis on this card and say he's Luis Tiant. I mean, if there's one pitcher I associate with the bending of space and time, aside from Charles Bender, it's Dock Ellis. If you don't already know, click the last "Dock Ellis" to find out. Say "hi" to Alice for me, and stay away from that rabbit.
And Dave Winfield is here to save us all. He's larger than life, and making sure the monsters off to the right stay where they are supposed to. See monsters? Dave has a bat and a mean homerun swing. He looks more Capt'n America than Mr. May. He's the only thing standing between us and a deep blue apocalypse. Thank you Dave! And if you go on to be a Yanki, well, I guess no one's perfect.

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