Friday, September 18, 2009

Bob Motley: Umpire

Big night last night for Gomes (where's all the love, Contrarian!?!), big night tonight for CC.

If there are things I've made clear on the blog, among them are a) I like to read and b) anything anyone sends me in return from a ttm request is absolute gravy. Guys who ask for a donation in return for an auto are generally not my purview, but there are a few exceptions. Among them are guys who also have a book.

So, when I was looking for addresses for Negro Leaguers from the A & G sets, I was pretty stoked to find Bob Motley.
Now, one of the things that bothers me about a lot of folks in the on-line ttm community is the comments directed towards 1) guys who request money for an auto and 2) guys who are looking to sell books to people who request autos ttm. Motley does both, and there are quite a few comments about it if you look around.

Where I'm from, if $5 and a sales pitch give you the vapors and are liable to make you fall out (Troll's compa can translate for the rest of ya'll), you just need to stay on the porch with the rest of the dogs that don't run in the tall grass (again, see Esther Gin'n'Juice).

Well, a Motley Ginter courtesy of a trade with 2008 Allen and Ginter Cardscape, $5, a couple of weeks later, this was in the ole mailbox:
LOVE IT. Not just the auto on the left, but the word "umpire" on the right. Incredibly cool. The ad up top also came with, in addition to this card:
Of course, hard up as I am for cash (like everyone else in the world these days), I grabbed the book on amazon and am now about half-way through it. It was co-written with his son, and it is great. Very, very fun read, and I hope to send it to Motley in the next month or so for a sig.

Thank you, Mr. Motley, and I'm loving the book!

Have a great one! Tomorrow I'm smoking butts with hickory (some mozzarella thrown in for the compa) so it's a big fat southern weekend going down in ND!


  1. i had no idea he was still around. $5 well spent - i'm sending it out asap.

  2. Thanks for the mention. That was a nice return, can you e-mail me his address?

  3. Nice return! Thanks for the mention. Hey what address did you use?

  4. If Jonny Gomes is not on the All Star ballot next year, I am writing him in.