Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do You Remember: On the Mark Sports Card Newsletter

Short and simple: I don't. Daddy D hit me with a copy of this mag from 1992, put out by Mark A. Larson in Minnesota. It's basically an investing newsletter touting hot rookies and specific cards, like an early blog only it cost $3.50 at card shows. The June 1992 issue is pretty typical stock: bully on Jack McDowell, Roberto Alomar, Megaprospect David McCarty, the 1992 Dome set, you get the picture. Bottom of the list is rounded out by some oldie but goodies: from 1970 commons to Hank Aaron Rcs.

Now, there's a lot to ridicule in there, from knowing what we know now about overproduction to asking "1992 Dome--seriously?" But on the back there's this piece:
It's basically on the inserts fad and how "insert cards, promo cards, gold cards, etc. are part of the hobby herd mentality." He goes on to say, "Interest in them wanes after a few months," meaning that the inserts themselves are worth less and less. True? Not true?

Personally I think it holds up almost 17 years later and it's why I buy singles as opposed to breaking packs. Only the "hits" sell, and as each year the "hits" sell for less and less, that means I can't complete sets by selling "hits" or even trade the "hits" for the cards I really want. Just easier and cheaper to buy what I want and let the rest sort itself out.

Example, I have a 2003 Topps Heritage Pujols jersey that I pulled from a box. It's worth more just sitting in collection than my selling it for $3.00 on ebay, if only because the box it came out of cost me $80. It's a reminder: no wax, you fool.

The general unrest about different box breaks on people's blogs recently has made me think a lot about that. I mean, if you drop $50+ on a box you want the equivalent in cards, only it seldom works out that way. Pretty strange On the Mark was going down this road in 1992, long before "hits" and "mojo" were even in use as terms, basically pointing to where things would end up. Wherever you are, Mark, cheers!

Have a good one!

Line: HR for CC! Gomes 0-2 with 2 BB.

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