Saturday, September 26, 2009

Heritage Inserts on the Block

OK---updated interests are here. As I say there, if nothing matches up and you want something I post let me know---I'm pretty easy going about working out trades. First up: Heritage Chrome.
That's a 2003 Texiera (469/1954); 2006 Furcal (810/1957); 2007 Garcia (1350/1958); 2005 Jeremy West (599/1956); 2008 Soria (194/1959); 2008 Danks (1048/1959); 2009 Cueto (839/1960); and Delgado Refractor (373/560).

Leave a comment if you're interested in anything! Compa noticed what's on and has requested I go cut grass! More to come later.

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