Monday, November 30, 2009

Trade Bait

Don't forget to check the older Heritage lists to the left I have a ton of SPs. Mostly looking for Crawford, Gomes, Price, or Niemann! Leave a comment and drop me a line if you are interested.
Big Al Refractor /559
Assorted Heritage, plus a Prince Oddball
SP Authentic and Turkeys. The Al is the Turkey Ad SP
These are all black backs.


  1. Both of the Hanleys, the Prince Oddball, the brothers Mauer, and that Ethier card are all totally awesome (Prince is definitely my favorite of the bunch though, then Ethier, then the Hanleys).

    That said, I think you just send me something hahaha, so it's probably bad timing to claim something. But I am working on another little package for you - right now it's the same as usual - a new CC for you, and some new McGriff doubles for you. But I'm waiting on more McGriff doubles before I send you that.

    So long story short - would you throw in Prince (+ maybe Ethier, or Hanleys if a Dodgers fan claims Andy, or the Mauers if a Hanley fan claims Hanleys) in one of our little dealios someday? You don't hafta, just asking hahaha.

  2. Moos--I'm a bit behind on getting the Griff relic out, but those will be with it!

  3. sweeeeet! haha no worries man, the stuff will come when it comes!