Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First of the 2010s: Thanks to Nachos Grande and Chris

I've seen this card making the rounds on ebay and the 'sphere, and knew I'd get it eventually. Eventually, fortunately, has been the past few days.

The gold on the bottom is courtesy of Nachos Grande. I'd sent him a Larkin relic a while back, and when I saw he'd pulled the gold version of the 2010 CC he was cool to send it along.
The card on top comes from reader Chris. We'd been going back and forth and I kept dropping the email ball due to work-related stress (several MAJOR projects underway), and so I finally shipped off the Yaz relic to him for the 2010 CC base and the David Price base. In the land where you can't drop into the shop and pick those up for 25 cents a piece you do what you have to do, and I am stoked to get these.

The CC is a TREMENDOUS photo, and I really hope the photographer responsible gets some kind of raise. GREAT shot.

The Price is also really nice, though admittedly overshadowed by the CC.
He has a really easy motion, and hopefully things will come together for him this year!

Thanks again for the trades! Have a good one and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. Glad it arrived safely! Thanks again for the Larkin you sent my way!

  2. Here's hoping the Lasik worked for Price...16 packs ripped and still no crawfords for me...I am the anti-Crawford Magnent

  3. Glad you like them! Hope ot work something else out soon!