Monday, February 15, 2010

HOF trade bait

In order: Winfield, Yaz, Murray, Rice, I-Rod, Brock (/99), and Markakis (to keep the scanner happy). The Rice has a little bit of chipping around the window, otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. 

I'm primarily looking for Carl Crawford relics, autos, or numbered parallels (1st preference goes to those), but also open to Gomes, etc.


  1. I want Eddie Murray !!!! I'm at work right now When I get home tonight I will see what I can find!! Thanks !

  2. Those are ALL really nice! I don't know what I have to deal and I still owe you for the auto... I will tenatively claim the Brock, but I have to find you something... I am interested in Winfield, too...