Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's here....

and I'm already hooked. I'm only a few pages in, but the book is awesome. The Intro is all about why you pitch inside. He cites no less an authority than Satchell Paige on the subject, and recounts sitting in the bullpen with Paige one afternoon which Paige spent intimidating Larry Doby, warning him not to be digging in against him later. AWESOME.

He also put a great auto on it for me, complete with "Fire" Truck. Thanks again Mr. Trucks!
And on a final note, CC is out of the lineup again tonight. We have our collective breath held here Carl! Get well soon!!!

And Gomes is, once again, not starting for Cincy. I mean....what the heck do I know? I haven't destroyed the careers of any major league pitchers, so I know nothing. Dusty, loved you as a player, but get it together!!!

The quote off of Volquez's BReference page says it all: I wouldn't trust Dusty to put together a sandwich, nevermind a pitching staff. My turkey and cheese would be visiting Dr. Andrews within the week.

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