Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peñas para la compa:gracias Sr. Troll!

Peña has 2 homers tonight. Nice!
So, I was corresponding with Troll a couple of weeks ago when the compa says, "Ask him if he has any Peña doubles." Which I did. To which Troll responded with an insanely generous number of cards, most of which were no doubles at all but straight from the private stock.
Yep, that's a PSA 9 Topps Chrome RC of the gent in question. But why, you ask, does the compa like Peña? Well, two reasons, both of then coming out of a trip we took to Baltimore for a day-night doubleheader late last summer. Peña plays first, and I sprung the cash for us to sit second row from the field for the games, which is a lot cheaper than you'd think given it was Camden yards.

First thing the compa notices? Peña has a great a$$. That was the one thing she thought was absent from the tremendous cards Troll sent: no shot of Peña's backside. She loves, however, this heroic looking Peña. First question she asks: why'd he drop the bat?
The second thing: the day after we were at the inner harbor talking to a guy who runs a t-shirt shot there. He told us this great story about how Peña had been talking to some folks who ran a restaurant around those parts, and later returned to their place with a bunch of Rays swag and tickets to the games. Pretty awesome guy, and the kind of story that needs to be publicized a lot more.
She looks at this card. It's got the smile, the pose, and...Derek Jeter? Compa: "Why in the *&^% do we have a Yanki on a Rays card?" I tried explaining about the neo-vintage craze, and Gehrig on the original Goudey cards, but she wouldn't relent. A lot of what she said wasn't fit for print, but can be summed up as "Tell these Upper Deck people that only Yanki fans would dig something like that. I don't want Captain Intangibles on my Peña cards, or any Rays cards! It ruins his smile." Message sent.
Check out that expression. Why compa digs it: "He looks cute and goofy running the bases. I guess that's why he's a god of the Three True Outcomes. That way 2/3 of the time he doesn't have to mess with this, but he'll still take a walk just to make the pitcher look bad." In her defense, this year Peña has more homers than singles. It's a fact.
And these are just a few of the awesome cards the generous Troll who lives in Tampa sent to the Compa! Thanks again!


  1. sounds a lot like listening to my wife about Jeff Francoeur.
    We were both devastated about him being traded... for completely different reasons...

  2. Oh if only my wife would call Jeter "Captain Intangibles." I might marry her again.

  3. The compa is a dyed in the wool Yanki hater, exceeded only by her dislike of Jeter. And she usually can't get "Captain Intangibles" out of her mouth without inserting a string of curse words in there.

  4. i did wonder why the compa liked pena so much, but i did have a pretty good idea... he has that effect on some... glad ya both liked the cards, always glad to share! go rays!!!

  5. a comment from la compa.

    El jefe (and that is said with a giggle) did a good job recounting my extreme elation when a package in the mail came that was actually for me. Many, many thanks Troll, I almost never get mail around here and the brimming package of Peña cards was most unexpected.

    Jefe did, however, miss a few points.

    1. Very awesome that in the stack of cards was one with the old (green) Rays uni. sweet.

    2. La compa would like to give a shout out to the Upper Deck folks who actually got the guy's name right. His name is Carlos Peña. Not Pena, Peña. There's a difference, yo, y vale la, well nevermind.

    3. I actually have less of a potty mouth than el jefe implies in his post, for the record.

    4. Although this was mentioned above, I cannot emphasize more how much I don't care what Jeter says about my Carlos Peña card. or anything else for that matter. For the record, Captain Intangibles is 1-4 tonight but I'm SURE according to the announcers he somehow WON the game for the Yanks. Ugh.

    5. Not mention the AWESOME roller derby post cards? They're *almost* cooler than the Peña cards. Go Bradentucky Bombers!!

    Mil gracias Troll,

    la compa