Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vintage versus Neo-Vintage Round II: T205 Edition

David Price on the mound, Rays on the TV, things are good.

CC had SBs 50 and 51 last night, giving him five 50+ steal seasons. Showing some power here recently, too. AND today's his birthday, and NO I wouldn't have known if ESPN hadn't announced it.

Gomes is OPSing around .900, but has the night off.

Things are good.

So, among the things to do while I'm waiting for the poor man's Ginter break, pit cards of some of my favorite players against each other. Specifically vintage versus neo-vintage, which is a never ending subject of fascination.

First up: T205 Chas Bender. He'll get several posts in the near future, but here is the front of this HOFer's 205 next to CC's 205 Mini from '02.
Now, there are some subtle differences in design, but what doesn't come through in the scan is how the differences in printing technique effect the overall look. Here are the backs, both Polar Bears: (Crawford just homered!)
If you were wondering, this back belongs to a different T205 Bender I have, as my first copy has a better front but a terrible case of paper loss on the back.

Anyway, I've got my opinions which I'll keep to myself, but which do you folks like better and why?

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  1. first off, I could do without the three paragraphs of legaleez on the back of the new one.
    Second, Topps should've thrown these new ones in the clothes dryer with a bunch of poker chips to break them in a little. More authentic, don't ya think?