Friday, August 21, 2009

Virgil Trucks Giveaway: Results are in!!!

The Rays are up, it's a Friday evening, things are right with the world.

I've had a great time running this, and I hope ya'll have enjoyed it. Mr. Trucks is really one of the kindest, most generous players I've come across, and his appreciation for us fans is pretty incredible. If you didn't win, please feel free to drop Mr. Trucks a line. He's an incredible individual, and without his cooperation this wouldn't have been possible. If you are so inclined, order the book as well. I got a note from Mr. Trucks today, and my copy is in the mail! I'm really stoked to get it, and will let you know how it is once I've read it.

Also, Troll is running a cool HOF contest over on his blog, here. Check it out!

Time for the results, the randomizations are below. I have traded with some of you, and some of you I don't know! Please email me your address ASAP and I'll get these in the mail. (After two weeks I'll re-run the giveaway with anything left over, so don't leave me hanging!!!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

1. Mmosley---1954 Bowman (an NC State fan at #1!!! I should have run another randomization!!)
2. Matthew Glidden---1950 Bowman
3. Dean Family---1957 Topps
4. Pack Addict---1959 Topps
5. Wicked Ortega----Diamond Stars (Brown version)
6. Dan---Diamond Stars (Blue Version)
7. Douglas---personal card
8. MattR---business card w/ Fire Truck
9. Don---business card w/ Fire Truck

  1. Matthew Glidden
  2. Jeff Meloy
  3. Captain Canuck
  4. White Sox Cards
  5. Slangon
  6. Dean Family
  7. Hackenbush
  8. Night Owl
  9. Beardy
  10. Mark’s Ephemera
  11. Mmosley
  12. Wickedortega
  13. Brian
  14. Packaddict
  15. MattR
  16. Collective troll
  17. Dan
  18. Maury Wills HOF fan
  19. Douglas
  20. Core contrarian
  21. Dinged Corners
  22. MadHandle11
  23. Gcrl
  24. Zman40
  25. Don

Timestamp: 2009-08-22 00:57:22 UTC

  1. Don
  2. Douglas
  3. Night Owl
  4. Wickedortega
  5. Dinged Corners
  6. Gcrl
  7. MattR
  8. Packaddict
  9. Matthew Glidden
  10. White Sox Cards
  11. Collective troll
  12. Core contrarian
  13. Slangon
  14. Beardy
  15. Maury Wills HOF fan
  16. Dan
  17. Hackenbush
  18. Zman40
  19. Brian
  20. Captain Canuck
  21. MadHandle11
  22. Jeff Meloy
  23. Mmosley
  24. Dean Family
  25. Mark’s Ephemera

Timestamp: 2009-08-22 00:57:57 UTC


  1. Mmosley
  2. Matthew Glidden
  3. Dean Family
  4. Packaddict
  5. Wickedortega
  6. Dan
  7. Douglas
  8. MattR
  9. Don
  10. Jeff Meloy
  11. Dinged Corners
  12. Brian
  13. Captain Canuck
  14. Collective troll
  15. Zman40
  16. Core contrarian
  17. White Sox Cards
  18. Gcrl
  19. MadHandle11
  20. Beardy
  21. Hackenbush
  22. Night Owl
  23. Slangon
  24. Maury Wills HOF fan
  25. Mark’s Ephemera

Timestamp: 2009-08-22 00:58:26 UTC


  1. Thanks for the chance to win. "Missed it by that much."

    Keep up the good work.

  2. congrats to the winners and a big thanks for the contest.... but I entered at least 27 times... I only see my name once?;)

  3. Thanks so much! Great Contest!!

  4. Thanks for the contest! I just posted about my '59 Topps.