Tuesday, June 8, 2010

July CCC SMG Break

Hey folks, we're going 5 boxes of Ginter. I sent the email out but in case you didn't get it, here are the details and team assignments I have from the last break. If you did NOT get the email let me know ASAP so I can straighten out the list.

Here's the Ginter checklist.

Payment due by next Wednesday, June 16. Teams open to new breakers/other breakers after that.

If things have changed or you are out drop me a line.

1) I'll use to the JC's pricing structure for the break, details below as well as what teams I have you down for, etc. 

2) A&G has a TON of non-team affiliated randomness, so here's what we'll do. I'll random the break participants 3x to come up with a list. I'll keep the list on hand during the break. As random world leaders, monsters, etc. come up, they go to the next person in the list. I think that'll be fair, exciting, and keep me from randoming 100 cards. 

Here's the JC pricing structure:

(6)Any team newer than 1980 including the Nationals are in Tier 3 $13.75

(8)Any team newer than 1961 shall be in Tier 2 $16.75

(16) Any team older than 1961 shall be in Tier 1 $20.50


Second team or break discount: 1.00
Third team or break: 1.50
Fourth Break and thereafter discount 2.00

American League
East Baltimore Orioles 1901
Boston Red Sox 1901
New York Yankees 1901
Tampa Bay Rays 1998
Toronto Blue Jays 1977
Chicago White Sox 1901
Cleveland Indians 1901
Detroit Tigers Detroit 1901
Kansas City Royals 1969
Minnesota Twins 1901
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961
Oakland Athletics 1901
Seattle Mariners 1977
Texas Rangers 1961

National League
Atlanta Braves 1871
Florida Marlins 1993
New York Mets 1962
Philadelphia Phillies 1883
Washington Nationals 1969 - Will be Considered Tier 3
Chicago Cubs 1870
Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati 1890
Houston Astros 1962
Milwaukee Brewers 1969
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882
St. Louis Cardinals 1882
West Arizona Diamondbacks 1998
Colorado Rockies 1993
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890
San Diego Padres 1969
San Francisco Giants 1883

Here are the team assignments I have:

Baltimore Orioles 1901 (Ryan ~
Boston Red Sox 1901 (Adam ~
New York Yankees 1901 (Sooz ~
Chicago White Sox 1901 (TiedGame
Cleveland Indians 1901 (Dan ~
Detroit Tigers 1901 (Sewingmachineguy ~
Minnesota Twins 1901 (Stephane ~Confirmed
Oakland Athletics 1901 (Daniel ~
Atlanta Braves 1871 (Aaron & Dennis ~
Philadelphia Phillies 1883 (ArfMax ~Confirmed-Paid
Chicago Cubs 1870 (Brian ~
Cincinnati Reds 1890 (Dean ~
Pittsburgh Pirates 1882 (Dean ~
St. Louis Cardinals 1882 (Ike & Tony ~ Paid)
Los Angeles Dodgers 1890 (GCRL ~
San Francisco Giants 1883 (Maybe Open
Tampa Bay Rays 1998 (CarlCrawfordCards ~ Paid)
Toronto Blue Jays 1977 (Dennis ~Confirmed
Kansas City Royals 1969 (Nick ~
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1961 (Open
Seattle Mariners 1977 (Open
Texas Rangers 1961 (Brian ~
Florida Marlins 1993 (Chuck/HamRam ~
New York Mets 1962 (BA Benny ~Confirmed
Washington Nationals/Expos 1969 (Stephane ~Confirmed
Houston Astros 1962 (Jason ~
Milwaukee Brewers 1969 (Ed ~Confirmed-Paid
Arizona Diamondbacks 1998 (Bruce
Colorado Rockies 1993 (Ryan ~
San Diego Padres 1969 (Padrographs


  1. i see that i can't join....hmmmm

  2. Wow, guess I am late to the party, all the teams are taken!

  3. I sent my money on Saturday night.