Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eric Young Jr., Master of Levitation: More 2011 Topps Photography

Here's another shot I love from the 2011 Topps rackpacks I grabbed the other day.
Judging from this photo the game comes too easily to Eric Young, Jr. (despite the career OPS+ of 54, but bear with me).  We've all seen the "turning the double play" shot, but this one is far from mundane. The Phat Panda has taken time out from his ruinous campaign with my Chingones team in Goose Joak's Fantasy League, apparently, to roll into second base and "try" to break up the double play. I say "try" because with effort like that there's no chance he "will."  

Young Jr., with the visiting Rockies, easily avoids the Panda. What kills me is he's not even paying attention to the Panda. He's suspended in the air, arms straight down, leaning over as if to look in and see if the runner at first is out. Usually the 2B or SS is upended, sprawled out, more dramatic about things, but not Young. He's  down on the field, about 5 feet in the air, watching the game with the rest of us.

And THEN we've got the iconic Yahoo! signage on the OF wall at corporate-owned AT&T Park, almost nostalgic and yet undeniably modern. And THEN the blurry fans in dead centerfield---have we ever seen the CF fans in a double play card before?

In short, a brilliant card. Again, Topps, well done!

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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