Sunday, February 6, 2011

Woodie Fryman passes (1940-2011)

Per the AP.

A country boy from KY, Fryman had an 18-year career with the Pirates, Phillies, Detroit, and Expos, among others. He was a rubber-armed SP and RP, and a two-time AS.
As more guys from the '50s and '60s pass, the baseball community loses a little more of its history. And when guys like Woodie pass, I'm reminded of the mortality of my own parents, who not only grew up watching baseball during that era but are also of that same generation.

RIP Mr. Fryman.


  1. That is too bad. I actually traded for that same card on the Topps MCG site and I got it back signed from him ten days ago.

  2. I can still remember when the Phillies traded for Fryman in 1967, and that he spent the off-seasons working on his tobacco farm across the river from Cincinnati.

    And as Carl Crawford said, another player from (my) childhood gone. :(