Monday, February 11, 2013

What's Up, Bro?: Jack Brohamer TTM

Some ttm love on a Monday.

I'm still working on the Topps Rookie Cups project, and recently heard back from 1973's entrant, Jack Brohamer. What's NOT to love about this card?
Where to begin? In classic 1973-style, you have to think for a second before you can identify the subject of the card as both men are given equal space in the shot. Oddly, Brohamer is recognizable only by the vague lettering of his jersey and the colors of his uni. As cards go, he's more anonymous that the other guy, whom I'm assuming to be Bobby Grich from the 1972 O's roster at Baseball Almanac. Comparatively, Grich is making a great play to nab Brohamer who looks caught out in "Rookie Screwed Up No Man's Land" near 2B, almost like he is an intruding presence on his own baseball card. As portraits go it's a strange and awkwardly painful askance view of a subject.

Not that this kept Brohamer from going on to rock some of the more outrageous chops from the era. In all he had a nine-year career with the Indians, White Sox, and Red Sox. When you look up Brohamer's name you'll find the words "light hitting" over and over (see, for example, Cardboard Gods), and a career slash of .245/.306/.327 (79 OPS+) would seem to back that up. However, it belies the fact that Brohamer owned HOFers Bert Blyleven (.295/.340/.568 w/ 4 HR) and Catfish Hunter (.275/.396/.550 w/ 3HR). Like they say: against some guys you just see the ball WELL.

The above '76 came courtesy of the Night Owl and finished off my set. I sent it to Mr. Brohamer without realizing I left him almost nothing to work will all told, I think it turned out well. Thanks, Mr. Brohamer!

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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  1. The master list of Bros who made the majors (not counting names like Brock, Brown, etc.), as far as I can tell from Baseball Reference:

    Jack Brohamer
    Sig Broskie (of course)
    Pete Broberg
    Ernie Broglio
    Scott Brosius
    Joe Brovia

    Near as I can tell, there are cards of every Bro except Sig Broskie (Brovia was in the '77 Frisch One Year Winners set). There are a metric ton of Sig Broskie index card autos available on eBay, places like, etc. though, interesting for a guy who passed away in '75. Man, I hope none of them are fakes. How low do you have to be to fake a Sig Broskie autograph?