Sunday, February 24, 2013

When ebay goes wrong part x

I really get the basic premise of ebay: it's a national garage sale. You send people money, they send you stuff (or vice versa), it's pretty straight forward. And truth be told, for the most part it works.

Until, obviously, when it doesn't. I'm currently in ebay seller hell. Something was sold, it was shipped, that should have been that. But oh, no, no it wasn't. Three days after it shipped I got an email saying, "where the hell is my item?"

Wait, what?

So I replied, said it was shipped, and said I hoped it'd be there soon. As these things go, the postal service then routed the package via Timbuktu, which delayed the package by a week. Sure enough, another message: "where the hell is my item?"

Now, I get the frustration, but I'm already tempered by the previous communication. This is just someone looking to start something even on the best of days. I sent the tracking number, things should be simmering down now that the package has arrived.

But no, they're not. Now I'm being told the item "is not as described," but cannot have pictures of said item's defects. At this point I'm being threatened with "buyer protection options," because apparently I'm a complete pain in the ass to deal with. Despite my measured tone. Despite not yelling back. Ugh.

How does something so simple go so wrong?


  1. Can you report the dude for sending that type of message? Not cool.

  2. unclemoe is might be able to contact ebay and alert them to an unreasonable buyer. I'm pretty sure they have some type of "seller protection" against people like that.

  3. Well you've got their address. Time to shit in a box and mail it to 'em.

  4. Thanks everybody! I'm now "expecting" pictures to show up at any minute in my inbox. We'll see what happens. If I don't get pictures by tonight, I'm definitely going to contact ebay. I'm just not into the whole "you sold me something so I can abuse you" thing.

    I DO like Roy-Z's option, though. Very, VERY tempting.