Monday, September 13, 2010

Biggest series of the year starts tonight!

Rays-Yankees people! And MLB is putting both the Monday and Tuesday games on the tube. It'll probably be the Yes Network broadcast but this should still be must-watch TV.

Monday we have two Cy Young candidate left-handers squaring off, Sabathia and Price.

Tuesday it's Nova (he of the "B-12 shots") and Garza.

Wednesday it's Hughes versus Shields.

A few notes:

  • CC has been on FIRE the past few weeks. He's raised his BA by about 10 points and his OPS by 33. Hopefully those numbers are gonna hold. 
  • The pitching match ups are break even. Game one is a toss up. Nova versus Garza is tight but I'll give a slight edge to Garza. If the REAL James Shields shows up the Rays have a big advantage in games three, but that's a big "if." Which leads me to...
  • No disrespect to the All-Star Hughes but he's been roughly on par with Wade Davis this year. What kind of difference does it make to be on the Yankees as opposed to any other team? You hear nothing but talk about Hughes being an exceptional young pitcher (he has a below average ERA+ of 94). By comparison a number of folks have been saying for months that Davis should be pulled from the Rays' rotation in favor of Hellickson. Davis's ERA+? A slightly better-than-Hughes 99.
  • There have been rumblings that the Rays' bullpen has tired from early-season overuse. And Soriano gave up a two-run walkoff homer to Aaron Lind today. I'm not saying the two are connected, but I'm just sayin'. If the Rays are going to make a deep run they need the pen' to be rock-solid.
Looking forward to it. Go Rays!

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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  1. The Closer final episode is on tonight at 9/8c!! You still watching the Nazis and the Rays!?