Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 topps t206: The Review

After getting beat last night tonight the Rays are PUMMELING the Sox, so all is right with the world. (This will post in the morning---I'll go out on a limb and call the win). I'll get back to regular programming beginning tomorrow but in the meantime, here are my unsolicited thoughts on the 2010 Topps t206 break.

Here's the video recap, and here are the hits.

Design: I love the design. I actually like it better than last year's 206 or even Ginter. The hats/no hats thing is a bit weird but whatever. The original 206 is pretty eccentric so I'll deal. I also like the no # variations with a different pic on the front. My one issue with that is those cards seem to be so much BETTER than the regular cards, why not do the whole set like that? It's a legit question.

Minis: I like the minis, I like the variations. It's a personal thing, but I feel like this year's design adds enough to the feel of the original set so as to be unique and not just a rip-off.

Hits: Now we're getting into the soup of things. Topps has obviously added some high-value hits to the product (the Mantle books, etc.) at the cost of producing an even checklist with value distributed up and down. I understand the appeal of the massive hits to a lot of collectors, but it's at the cost of people who'd just rather rip a great box of cards. Our two plates made the break, but we're still at least a hit short. I'm sure the folks who landed hits are stoked (and rightfully so) but in a vacuum I feel like the hits were pretty weak. That said, I'm happy with the Rays I got (including the CC mini!).

Overall: As a group break product this was fun even though we didn't score the mega hit. However, if I'd thrown down on this as an individual looking to land something mega-awesome I'd be hurt. I recognize that a lot of it comes down to disposable income, but at $82 a box you need at least one solid hit to anchor a box. No disrespect to the guys we pulled (I live in Twins territory and I'd even say I'm a Kubel fan), but $5 autos just won't do it. I'd much rather have a cheaper product with those kinds of autos or, at the same price, a product without the whale hits and better distribution of value.

2/5 CCs

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