Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Game: 1-0 in 11, Rays take over 1st

The word is EPIC.

Price was as advertised. Sabathia was as advertised. Former Durham Bull Reid Brignac came up HUGE. Congrats gents, great game.


  • Dear MLB Network: would it be too much to have the HOME broadcast for these games. The homerism of the YES network crew is understandable but for a game on a non-Yankee network is a bit much. And leads me to....
  • Tom Hallion ejecting CC in the 9th. The YES guys couldn't believe CC got himself tossed. Most reasonable human beings would have noticed the strike zone was a little shaky at times. There were moments when Price was outright squeezed. The second strike to CC was a ball for most of the night and the third strike was on-again, off-again. Too close to take? Sure. Unquestionably as strike? Ummm, no. Should CC have been barking? Maybe not. Which leads me to...
  • Tom Hallion, remember that a good umpire is like great wallpaper. He's a good background piece and the game doesn't come together without him, but if you know the ump's name at the end of the night he's did something along the lines of purple stripes on green. And I now know your name. The strike zone last night was TERRIBLE. Don't believe me? Green is a ball, red is a strike. 'Nuff said. (I got this at DRays Bay who got it from www.brooksbaseball.net)Which leads me to....
  • Joe Maddon. Love you. Your AS LF just got kicked out of the game over a questionable call from an ump with a wandering, widening strike zone. Go out there and tell that gentleman all the unspeakable things they say to each other in the parking lots at Phillies games. Do it, if only for the children.
Looking forward to more tonight! Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. Real edge of the seat stuff.I scared the crap out of my mother in law when Briggy hit the homer by screaming at the TV.

  2. did I miss an announcement about a October break?