Thursday, September 2, 2010

What are your Whales & Discount Teams

First up I got notice the 2010 T206 is on the way. Due date of 9/3 because I live up near the north pole. We've got 3 teams left, 13.50 for any of 3 four:  A's, Dbacks, Mariners. Leave a comment to claim the teams. PP to my email address (crawfordcards (at) This is a one-time deal, full price next month for the 2010 Bowman Chrome.

I've been chasing this one card for a while but a few weeks ago I hit "bid" with 2 seconds to go and landed it for a decent enough price. It's not a CC but a great vintage card. Before I roll it out I want to know: what cards are your whales? Not necessarily anything REALLY expensive like the Wagner or a 52 Mantle, but the cards you track on ebay and salivate over only to get outbid? 

I FINALLY landed one of mine and let me tell you, it feels pretty #@$* good.