Friday, September 3, 2010

My Bob: The T206 has landed!

Break on Saturday afternoon or Sunday at the latest! Still have the A's, D-Backs, and Mariners available for $13.50 (full price on subsequent breaks). If I fail to pull the compa a Peña in this break I'm in deep *&^%.

A card I've wanted for a while (not THE card, that's coming) has been a 1950's Clemente. Well, thanks to a little paper loss this guy fell into my lap:

So yes, wtf was chewing on that upper right hand corner? Other than the the card is in really good shape. OK, depending on your perspective that might be overlooking a lot but it's more than good enough for me.

As for the card itself it's a great portrait of Clemente, odd positioning of the "autograph,"and it lists him as "Bob." I know that's short for Robert, and that you hear a lot of folks refer to him as "Bob," but did he ever really go by Bob? It's not listed on his BB Reference page so it makes you wonder. All in all a classic late-50s Topps-type card and a nice addition to the PC even if it might carry the plague.

Anyway, there's been some malaise around, some talk about uninspiring 2010 products and such, so I thought I'd put the 1959 Clemente out there. Cost? A little more than a discount blaster.

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