Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

My Dad doesn't read the blog or know I have one, but:

We (Dad, friend Fernando, Mom, and I) just stayed up watching the SC-FL game. It's 1 AM, everyone has gone to bed, tomorrow we're scheduled to go to breakfast and watch Bang the Drum Slowly. Thanks, Dad, for always being there when it counted. Nobody is perfect, but you're a good approximation. Thanks for teaching me about baseball, the game, your memories, and the memories we've made together. Thanks for everything. Staying up WAY past the christian hour to go to sleep reminded me how much a stupid game can mean to folks and their kids.

Daddy D, thanks for being a stand-up father-in-law, I couldn't have gotten luckier as a son-in-law. looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Remember: I married her because her dad has a fabulous bb card collection!

And R., thanks to you, too. Not everyone follows baseball, but nobody is perfect (see above). Maybe I'll pay closer attention to football next year?!

And: props to all the players, dads and non-dads. Without you, what would the rest of us spend endless hours recounting and arguing about?

Again finally: happy father's day to all you bloggers out there!

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