Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About Those Rays...

Ripping announcers/writers is a cottage industry among the blogs, something I've done from time to time myself. I'd sworn off it until last night when watching my new favorite channel, the MLB Network, and one of the post-game analysts said something to the effect of "I'm on the bandwagon, I'm off the bandwagon---I have a hard time staying with the Rays. Are they a legit playoff team? I don't know."

My head exploded. 8 hours later I'm back.

Looking at the standings is analysis most third graders can do for extra credit in math. Even when the Rays were in third place in the AL East their record indicated they would be at or near the top of almost EVERY division in the game. Conclusion: Yes, they are legit, they just play in the most murderous division in the game. At 21-10 they have the best h-h record WITHIN that division. You tell me: Are they legit? Man, how was that dude not kidding? And can I get paid for analysis like that? It's pretty easy and at least one MLB Network dude can't/won't do it, so it may be a need. I'll get my app off ASAP just in case.

Have a good one everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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  1. I thought you were gonna rip Dewayne and Kevin/Brian for a second when I saw the first sentence of this post in the blurb on the blogroll.
    I think it must be something about Florida. The media continuously doubt the Magic all the time as well. Too bad for them, they'll have egg on their face soon enough.