Friday, July 30, 2010

CC minor league cards: When ebay goes....right?

Everyone is (quite rightly) pissed and blogging about the Beckett shenanigans admission, so I thought I'd post about something that went RIGHT recently.

We all know ebay is full of nuttiness, and I've posted about it myself from time to time. However, sometimes when you see an auction up you gotta jump in. When I saw an auction for 346 DIFFERENT CCs with 123 numbered cards, including 11 jersey cards and 2 bat cards, I went for it. 

There were red flags, notably the cards were listed as a single, massive lot, with nothing listed save a photo of a 1999 Bowman RC and a Ginter bat card. 123 numbered cards---is that a typo? Moreover, I already owned over 350 different CC cards, so the odds of picking up a lot that had significant overlap were pretty good.

Well, I added over 150 CCs to the pc for less than 20 cents a card. If I were to have purchased these cards over the next few years I would have gladly paid more for many of them. Two examples are these CC A-Ball Minor League cards, one of which was in my COMC cart (at $2.50!) when I pulled it from this lot.
Very cool card. CC running the bases before he was the base stealing machine he is today.
CC (looking 12) with a cat hair left in the scanner for good measure. What I really like about these unlicensed cards, though, are the backs:
They are king of goofy, with no stats, the usual "CC almost went to Nebraska" story, ads for local companies, and that's about it. Reminds you of how transitory A-ball is for some guys. The high draft picks usually aren't around there for long, so the ink is barely dry on these cards before they've moved on.

That said, if you are looking for any CC in particular I now have a TON of doubles. Drop me a line and I'll look through them.

Have a good one and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. Dude, that's AWESOME! I've had the same dilemna with Fred McGriff lots before - 500 cards is nice, but how many of those 500 are junk wax era/doubles, that kind of thing. Glad that this one went so right for you though!

  2. Paul,
    I was thinking about throwing down the gauntlet and making a challenge to see who has more CC cards, but I am quite sure you have me beat now! Congrats on a great pickup! I had some ebay money and got a lot of great deals on CC lots, but none that good...