Thursday, July 29, 2010

Umm, Rick, that's what he said, but not really...

So if you caught the Cards/Mets tilt last night on the WWL you were treated to one of the all-time weirdest,  most surreal moments in broadcast history. I'll admit that the internet hasn't exactly ushered in the info.-utopia we were all hoping for, but Sutcliffe last night said repeatedly and without irony that Mark McGwire had come clean and apologized for his steroid use.

Now, did McGwire admit using in January? You bet. No doubt there.

Has "Big Mac" apologized for using? Sure.

But has he ever admitted that his freakish production over his career was in any way aided by his using? Um, no.

So Mac, like a current Yankees lefty, maintains he took 'roids for health purposes and his on-field performance has in no way enhanced by what are commonly called "performance enhancing drugs." This is the kind if "admission" most parents wouldn't accept from there small children, much less other adults, and it absolutely steams me that Sutcliffe went on and on about "the great Mac" without ever mentioning that Mac admitted his use WITHOUT admitting it helped his numbers. That's naive at best and at worst willfully spreading the bright half of the story in hopes people will forget the dark half. Sorry Sut, no can do.

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  1. I didn't catch the Mets/Cardinals but it sounds pretty much on par with most media now a days. McGwire is delusional if he thinks PEDs didn't help him hit homers, and the media not calling him out just shows how pathetic the media have become and they have absolutely no integrity anymore. Look at ESPN and MLB going goo-goo over Arod hitting 600 but never mentioning that he admitted doing steroids and he shouldn't have that many. Why are they hyping a cheater? Sad times.