Sunday, June 14, 2009

2003 Topps Heritage Sps for Trade

27 Rodrigo Lopez, Orioles, Old Logo
201 Walter Young, Pirates
156, Randall Simon, Pirates Old Logo
385 Chris Snelling, Mariners
417 Rafael Furcal, Braves
426 Jeromy Burnitz, Mets (card had a crease across the top right out of the pack)


  1. I need a whack of those... what are you looking for in trade?

  2. I might be able to use what Canuck doesn't take. I might also need some 2002 Heritage SP's if you have any.

    I'll see what I have from '73 and '73 Topps for you.

  3. Hey Captain: I'd be most interested in Carl Crawford, David Price, Fergie Jenkins, Vida Blue, Larry Doby, or anything you might have from my 1976 or 1973 needs lists. Completely random is the Topps T205 Louis Sockalexis card. Beyond those, I do owe you for the Gaston, and I'm pretty amenable anyway, so we can totally work something out if your stash of Vida Blues is low (or non-existent!). Send me an email with the cards you need from the list.

    Hey dayf, a few posts down I posted my 2002 Heritage Sps. Let me know if you can use any of those!