Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who in their right mind bids on these auctions?

First, happy Father's Day to my dad and all the other dads out there. 

Second, I had a great anniversary at the Twins game and auto party, blogpost and cool scans will follow tomorrow.

Finally, check out this guy's auctions, they are Father's Day related (kinda):

As kids we all dreamed of going up into granddad's attic and hitting the mother load of t206, '52 Mantles, and other assorted goodies. This guy says he actually did it, and is posting the cards on ebay with that story. 

For all I know the story is legit, and his granddad had a whopper of a collection. Including April auctions this guy had Goudey Gherigs, Goudey Babes, the cream of the '49 Bowman set, everything. 

To take a stab, I'm no expert but the backs on the Bowmans scream repro, beginning with the mono-colored back and the font. Here's a real '49 Bowman Robinson's back. The back of this card is all black ink and you can barely make out the special offer mail-order ring. With 18 hours to go bidding is up to almost $57. Maybe the rest of you can ferret out what's wrong with the others. 

Technically the seller is not doing anything wrong, especially since the cards are actually listed as REPRINTS and the guy claims he knows nothing about cards and gives a straightforward caveat emptor in the description. 

So who on earth bids up reprints like this, or am I an idiot and am completely missing something (always, always possible)?

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