Monday, June 22, 2009

The Great T206 Cy Seymour Giveaway

I am working on posting the autos, but in the interim a quick note.

Spread the word, tell all your peeps. Carl Crawford Cards is going to give away the card below, a 1909-11 T206 Cy Seymour. Polar Bear back.

Why? Because old school vintage is rad, and I get the feeling a lot of folks have never held, felt, smelled one of these up close. To spread the love, Cy wants to see the world.

What's the catch? There are a few.
1) You have to have a card blog (why in a second)
2) You have to be a follower of CCC.
3) The winner can keep the card for up to a month, but after a month must sponsor a contest on his/her blog, the prize of which is the T206 Cy, and send Cy on to meet someone else. The winner of that contest must then send Cy on after another month, and so on. This way Cy meets lots of folks, and lots of folks meet Cy.

To enter: be a follower of the blog and post a comment below saying you are in! 

Next Monday night I will run three randomizations of the list, whomever comes up #1 in the third randomization wins. Good luck!


  1. holy traffic creator batman! I'm in.

  2. It doesn't look like he has a polar bear back. Grizzly, maybe.

    Should the winner take a photo of themselves and the Crawford card?

    Sort of like those gnome travel ads?

  3. Im In!!

    A giveaway might just be what I need to start posting again.

  4. I'm in. Am I follower? I've got to check that. I will be!

  5. Me in.

    Me also have Crawford card wantlist in tab.

    Open three days.

    Will find card eventually.

    Me slow.

  6. I want in! Thanks for alerting this to me on my blog.

  7. My oldest card is a '54 Bowman Bob Feller. It would be great to have a much older card, even if only for a month!

  8. Pay it forward with Ultra Vintage?