Monday, June 1, 2009

Fantasy Roundup: (PG-13 Spanish)

Chingones 8, Tribecard Trundles 2. Despite their overtly macho name, the Chingones have been taking it on the chin so far in the cardblog league (brought to you by Punk Rock Paint). Like most mediocre teams, however, the Chingones were able to pull things together for rivalry week, smoking the Trundles 8-2 and drawing even for the year at 39-39, .500 being THE definition of superbly mediocre. Highlights included a 4 HR, 10 RBI effort from Ryan Howard who, when asked about how he felt about leading the Chingones to victory, replied "Huh?" 

The Chingones-Trundles rivalry precedes the current managers of both clubs and is steeped
in tradition. In fact, watchers of Fatansy ESPN often complain that Chingones-Trundles coverage often overshadows that of other intriguing fantasy matchups. In his book, Siempre Chingones: An Oral History of the Durham Chingones 1908-1985, Peter Gammons quotes the Chingones' long-time manager Memo Luna (Salon de Fama 1987) as saying, "As far as I know the rivalry has something to do with the ghost of Babe Ruth's goat going into a bar." To this day the 1954 Bowman Memo Luna is a must have for all Chingones fans in the U.S., and Durham-based fans are trying to get public funds to erect a statue in honor of the man who guided his club to many gloriously meaningless championships. 

Having beaten our rivals this week, we know that Luna, wherever he is, is proud.


  1. The Trundles left the field after the week-long battle without shaking hands with the Chigones players. Trundles Manager Tuck Inroll said, "If Lebron can do it..."

  2. Well played, well played! The Chingones are looking forward to more shenanigans in the rematch.

  3. Los Pintadores de PunkRock play OUR rivals this week, the dreaded Roadrunners. I am hoping my boys dominate like yours did last week.