Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank You Captain Canuck: '76 edition

Within an hour or so of having posted my 1976 Topps needs Captain Canuck over at Waxaholic offered to send me one of my needs, 558 Cito Gaston. Since the Captain is a Braves fan, I appreciate the sacrifice of the Cito Gaston.

Now, this Cito is a sweet card. I love how you can see the empty stadium behind him, the screen to protect folks from foul ball, the beams holding up the next level of seating, and the sky poking through it all in the far background. Great use of negative space.

It immediately reminded me of another great card, coincidentally also of a Brave: 1952 Bowman Roy Hartsfield. I mean., the two cards were separated at birth. There are a few folks already in Boston when Roy strikes his pose, but you get the same feeling of pre-/post-game emptiness. Through the supports you catch the city peering into the park in the form of
 an seemingly infinite number of windows, which represent the infinite people behind those windows. Not quite negative space, but very, very cool suggestion.

Thanks again Captain, your cards are in the mail!

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