Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twins Catchers not named Mauer

First up, don't forget to enter the Cy Seymour sees the world contest for a T206 card, linked here. He's an old man and needs to get out. He doesn't drink too much but is a big talker.

So, here at CCC we are way too alt to do something like wait in line for a year and a half to get an auto of Minnesota's favorite son. Especially not when guys like Redmond and Morales are signing.

Mike Redmond is like a Major League Crash Davis, only without the power. He 's a Gonzaga guy and, when you look at the stats, a decent of a hitting catcher. Lifetime OBP of .346. He's never had the chance to be the everyday guy despite his solid stats, and looked the part of the grizzled vet at the signing: 3-day beard, demeanor of an old sailor. In a lot of ways the prototypical ballplayer. I really like how he signed his number below his name if only because that seems like a real yeoman thing to do, identify yourself with your number, like you might not know who he is, but you've probably seen #55 somewhere and now you'll make the connection 

Finally, Jose Morales, a third rounder for the Twins in 2001. He's 26 (the wrong side of 25 for a prospect) and behind Joe Mauer, so you wonder if he's playing to unseat Redmond, going for a positoin change, or to be traded. His expression in this card is awesome: tearing off after a ball out in front of the plate, mask caught in mid-air, ump rocking forward a bit behind him (why do they airbrush out the umps in other cards again?). Very cool. I was surprised this card was so signable, or maybe Jose simply did a great job with it, just going for it, over the foil name, over the "Rookie Card" logo, everything, throwing himself out there, damn the consequences.

More autos coming, and don't forget:

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