Monday, June 22, 2009

Crawford Cards Anniversary Autofest

That's right, I asked Kevin Slowey to sign the card "Happy Anniversary" and he did just that. Kevin Slowey, the winner of the anniversary game the night before, 6/19. Very, very cool guy, the request gave him a good chuckle. I'm definitely a Slowey fan from here on out.

So, there are too many cards for one post, and the story is long, so I'll break this one up. 

I'm leading with Slowey because he was the winning pitcher in the game my companiera and I went to Friday night. He had a solid line: 6 innings, 3 hits, 1 earned run, 6 Ks, 4 walks. Hopefully the walks will come down and he can go deeper into games, but for a young guy you can't get much better.

A major highlight was Delmon Young's performance. He went 2/4 with a R, 2 RBI, and finally started showing a little of the power the Twins were hoping for when they got him from Tampa. 

The best part, though, was a spectacular HR he robbed from Lance Berkman that helped preserve Slowey's win. With Nathan on the mound in the 9th Berkman hit a laser over the left/centerfield wall that both Delmon and Carlos Gomez had a bead on. Both went up for it, and they had a little collision, but Delmon was able to maintain his concentration and come down with the ball. The Metrodome doesn't allow fans to sit in the first row of OF seats, and that definitely made a difference. (Delmon, they robbed you on Baseball Tonight and Sports Center, reminding me why I only occasionally tune into the WWL)

And finally, as you can see, Delmon personalized the card "To Melissa." My wife and I had watched him play for the Durham Bulls over a couple of years, and we were really stoked to see him in the Majors and see him do well. In the auto line she said "Get him to sign it to me," and he did. Very, very cool.

More autos later, including smooth vintage!

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