Sunday, October 4, 2009

Delmon Makes Good

Having watched Delmon Young be an other-worldly minor leaguer, it's been pretty tough to watch him languish as a Minnesota Twin. I loved watching him, but truth be told he was one of a handful of guys that caused major changes in Durham and most of whom played their way out of the organization. Exhibit A. Exhibit B: You Say You Want a Revolution (half way down the page). CC was pretty straight forward about his feelings on the matter.

There's even been plenty of negativity around Delmon since he was traded to Minn from the Rays, and this article lays it out nicely. I mean, after the success of Bartlett and Garza in Tampa, Delmon would have to be all-world to even up the deal, and he hasn't even been an AS. Yet. However, as the article also pints out, dude just turned 24, so he's younger than a lot of the high-profile prospects currently on everyone's radar. Seems like he's a lot older because he;s been around forever. And he's been on FIRE the last few weeks, when the Twins have needed him most. Hopefully that's a sign he's got his head on straight, and that he's coming into his own. Congrats, Delmon, and good luck Tuesday!


  1. Yeah, Delmon has come up huge this past week. I still collect him and still wish him luck. It is hard to believe how young he is, thanks for pointing that out. I still think he can be an All Star, but blooming late at the big league level definitely costs you...Nice sig, who is it made out to?