Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ginter Project: Stanley "Doc" Glenn

This is the second most recent of the ttms I've gotten in the past few weeks: Stanley "Doc" Glenn. Mr. Glenn was a catcher in the Negro Leagues who caught Satchel Paige, so this is the second auto I have of one of Paige's former catchers, the other being Larry LeGrande. An unexpected story is that he made a cameo in Gene Conley's bio. Mr. Glenn was a catcher in the Braves minor league system when Conley was coming through, and even compared Conley to Paige when Conley threw a 1-0 shutout against Wilkes-Barre during to win his 20th game in 1951.

He put out a book a couple of years ago, and I hope to order it after the first of next month.

The scans won't come through. There are actually two cards there, but the scanner keeps cutting them in two. So here's a pic of both and neither of them.
This is also a really sweet card, from the follow through to the wry smile he's wearing here. Really, really well done, and a great sig. Thanks Mr. Glenn.

He was also gracious enough to answer a few questions. Favorite player growing up: Josh Gibson. Best moment in baseball: hitting four HRs in one game. AND, why is his nickname Doc? He is a physical therapist. Cool.

Have a great one everybody, and he a goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!


  1. Those are nice cards to get autos on...good work.

  2. another coll ass auto!!! I'm going to order the a&g 2007 set just for these card.... i'll be hitting you up for the address please!

  3. do you have any cards of artie wilson?

  4. I have that problem with the scanner once in a while to. You should be able to shut off the auto-crop.

    Sweet autograph though. Nice addition to your collection for sure.

  5. I'm really stoked that these gents are kind enough to sign the cards and answer my questions. It's always really kind of them.

    @ wicked---I'll be dropping you an email with these addresses---let me know if I forget.

    @Rob: I don't have any cards of Artie Wilson. He might have a few out there (in the Williams set, as a recent insert, or in an oddball set) but I don't have any myself. Let me know what you find out!