Monday, October 5, 2009

TTM from a CCC Fave and the Ensuing Giveaway: Jonny Gomes Rules

So, I called home today and asked the compa the question, like I always do, "Is there any good mail?" That's code for, "Please tell me something other than bills came today."

Today that answer was, "Yes." It's a pick-me-up, and adds to the excitement of going home. At present I only have one ttm from my Ginter Negro League Project out, as well as two book orders, so I figured those were the likely suspects. Pretty cool. So I got home, saw the SASE, and looked at the postmark:
If you follow this blog you know where this is going. Please don't give it away for the others.

So, the week after the awesomeness of this post, I decided to write a letter to the man himself, thanking him for signing the jersey at the Cubs game and including two cards for him to sign.

To recap: Jonny Gomes is one of the greatest players in the history of the Rays. As a player he's got maddening, raw power. His career thus far has been marked by incredible peaks. He was even 3rd in the ROY voting in 2005. Unfortunately, the Rays decided they were better off with a veteran RF and right-handed bat who was more expensive and less productive (not pointing fingers, just saying) and let Jonny walk. He caught on with the Reds, had a torrid spring, but was sent to AAA Louisville to begin the season. After coming up and despite platooning with other Reds OFs, Jonny put together a HELL of a season: .879 OPS, 20 HR, 51 RBI in 281 AB.

He's also an absolute fan favorite, so I sent off the two cards without much hope. If nothing else, I included one of these, with the explanation that it was the best I could do because I couldn't buy Jonny a drink to say "Thanks" for all the memories of him playing for the Durham Bulls and Tampa Bay Rays.
If you remember, Gomes was one of the foremost hellians at the center of a lot of celebrations in the Rays clubhouse last season. And now, today, I received these in return:

Two sweet autos from an awesome player!

Now, in the letter I sent I said I'd give away one of the cards on the blog, which is now what I'm going to do. I like the Ginter, Compa like the 206, so what we'll do is this: follow the blog, leave a comment saying you're in. On Thursday night I'll run 3 randomizations of the list, #1 gets their choice of the two.

Good luck, have a great night!


  1. Nice one and I'm in. I liked Jonny as a Ray, too. I had him on my fantasy team in '06 and was lucky enough to get a figurine of him early that year at the Trop as well.

  2. I'm one of the faceless followers at the tail end of your list...and I'm so in!

  3. I don't wanna be greedy, so I am not in, but congrats on the TTM, Gomes rules! I plan on posting a 20 card salute to Gomes next week...Cheers!

  4. Hey, I got a Gomes TTM today, too! I just posted a 20 card tribute to Jonny and I got a relic dupe for you, too. Cheers!

  5. I'll play. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  6. It's Friday.... Who won?? I bet it was me! Thank you thank you... I'll send you my address... lol