Friday, October 23, 2009

Frank Lary, "The Yankee Killer"

Another gem from Daddy D, I thought I'd bring it out for tomorrow's game. Frank Lary was known as "The Yankee Killer." He was also known as "Mule" and "Taters," but I'm thinking it's specifically his Yankee slaying ability that will be of use to the Angles this weekend.

Daddy D is heading home early tomorrow, so I'm wishing him a safe trip back and thanking him for the '59 Sievers (finally got it off of him!). We had a blast, he helped out with a lot of things around the upper mid-western house that I, as a southerner, am unqualified or incompetent to do. Much love and thanks Daddy D!

And finally, go Angles! Enjoy the games everyone.

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