Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trading Post: Nachos Grande

I'm behind the times. I know, you know it, it's just the nature of the beast. This year I've bought zero Ginter, zero Champions, zero Obak, zero Goudey. Like Blanche DuBois, I gotta depend on the kindness of others to get the cards I need. Well, Nachos needed some '85s and could hook me up with some much needed cards in return.

First up:
David Price Ginter sketch card: very nice. It's about his dominating the Sox in the playoffs last year. Now, I know that the shine has come off his star a bit for the casual fan because he didn't strikeout 300 batters and cure cancer this season. However, I like Price. He's still the man (as long as he gets the walks down!)

The CC was a total surprise. Artifacts?!? I'd never even heard of that series. It's got the old school D-Rays jersey, so I'm down. Next:
Goudeys are cool. I think it's one of the better done neo-vintage sets. And that Peña is not cut off--I have a ancient scanner powered by a hamster on a wheel. G-D hamster gave out and the scan got cropped. I still don't have the 2009 Goudey CC is anyone has an extra to spare!

And finally:
This card of Boss Man, Jr. is straight up boss. The catcher, the fans, the crazy leg that makes it look like BJ just came out of a horrible accident to take the field anyway....great card, and another total surprise.

Thanks, Nachos!

Have a good one.

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