Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trading Post: Priceless Gems from the Priceless Pursuit

So, a while back I caught this post over at the Priceless Pursuit. He had pulled this CC in a pack, and I left a comment asking if he's be willing to part with it.
He was game, and we got the deal done! Now, I really appreciate his willingness to part with a #'d card without asking for a king's ransom in return. I don't have too many #'d CC, and my collecting budget just can't hang with the guys who will throw down for #'d cards on the 'bay. Long story short, I don't actively seek them out or feel compelled to, but I'm INCREDIBLY stoked when a fellow blogger passes one along.

BUT that's not all sent sent. He also sent along a two more Peñas for someone else's collection:
For all the HRs one tends to forget that Peña is also a Gold Glove 1st Baseman, so the Fleer Platinum is a +1 in the compa's book.

Next, three Delmons, all of which actually sport pictures of the man in question, without any mystery men popping up.
That's my first Delmon #'ed card, and was an incredible bonus to get. Don't forget to check out the bottom of this post and help me figure out with this person NOT named Delmon Young could be.

Finally, he included a RC of the man, the legend, the off-again, on-again pro-wrestler and CCC fave, Jonny Gomes. Nice shot of Jonny running the bases in what looks to be a Spring Training Game.
Thanks for the Trade, Priceless! Hope you enjoyed the cards I sent as much as I enjoyed these.

Have a great one, everybody and goodnight Pumpsie Green, wherever you are!

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