Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moon over North Dakota: Daddy D Comes to Town

At some point today Daddy D will be coming to town. This post is a surprise for him when he checks the blog tonight.

You might remember this post from a while back. Daddy D had given me this card of Wally Moon and told me to look up the term "Moon Shot."
Well, since then I've done a ttm here and there, and since Daddy D is a big Dodgers fan I decided to try my luck with Mr. Moon. Well, here is the result:
It can go on your Dodgers wall with the Zimmer, Daddy D! It's going to be great having you in town. (When are you leaving again?)

1 comment:

  1. Daddy D is a Dodger fan? Good for Daddy D.

    (if you can spare Wally Moon's address, shoot me an email. I'd love get one of my cards of him signed).