Saturday, October 17, 2009

Everyone is a Comedian...'89 Ripken Flashback (PG-13 Language)

So, Daddy D hits me with this card from the vault:
Yep, that's Jim Nettles, younger brother of Graig Nettles, sporting the togs of a Senior League team circa 1990. Here's the DL from the back:
But I hear you, what is that written on the knob of the bat there? Here's a close-up:
In post-1989 Fleer Billy Ripken world, is this funny? Obviously it went largely unnoticed by the bb-card collecting world. Whereas the Ripken might have been stupidity, etc., this can only be intentional, right? Where was the outrage? The lamentations? The riots in the streets? The charges of "death panels"?


  1. Being that he's a doubt that it is intentional.

  2. Thats a great catch Paul... I've never seen that card before, I am glad that you found it and brought it to light... I think that it is awesome that less famous brothers of superstar baseball players seem to enjoy writing vulgarites on the knob of their bat! If this was in a major set or if anyone had any idea who Bob Nettles or Larry or Jim or whatever his name was, I am confident there would be riots in the streets!